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Eastbourne Education Business Partnership

Delivering work-related activities that enhance teaching and student learning outcomes and contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

We are an independent registered charity that works closely with Eastbourne Borough Council, East Sussex College and the Chamber of Commerce in brokering partnership and contributing to workforce planning and employability. We are active members of the Eastbourne Strategic Partnership, Youth Partnership and Coastal Community Team.

The Big Futures Show and Eastbourne Youth Radio Logos
The BIG Futures Show 2020 - Life Saving

The BIG Futures Show

Employability and skills event for students aged 14+, parents, carers and wider community.

The BIG Futures Show 2020 - Life Saving

Young Engineers Challenge

Working in teams to produce solutions to an engineering problem.

The BIG Futures Show 2020 - Life Saving

Junior Enterprise Challenge

Presenting a product or service to meet specified criteria.

The BIG Futures Show 2020 - Life Saving

Eastbourne Youth Radio - 87.7fm

Students aged 5-19 prepare and present one-hour programmes on 87.7fm.

Our King In-Bloom 2023

Our King In-Bloom 2023

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Eastbourne Education Business Partnership (EBP) has continued to build on 30 years of achievements in its aim of brokering meaningful partnership between education and business. In particular, the EBP provides a wide range of events and activities as exemplified by the Annual Events Programme below, aimed at enriching the curriculum and student learning.
The momentum behind the organisation continues to maintain the diversity of the programme, whilst dedicating much energy to the most far-reaching projects, Eastbourne Youth Radio and The BIG Futures Show (BFS), that attract the participation of over 3,000 students.

Board of Trustees – Eastbourne Education Business Partnership

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Annual Events Programme

  • Young Engineers Challenge (Years 6-7)
  • In-Bloom Finals (Years R-6)
  • The BIG Futures Show, (Years 10+)
  • In-Bloom Planting (Winners)
  • Young Chef Finals (Years 7-10)
  • Junior Engineers Challenge (Year 2)
  • Annual Meeting (EBP Partners)
  • Junior Enterprise Challenge (Year 4)
  • Eastbourne Youth Radio (Years R-13)
  • Pantomime Technology Challenge (Years 4-5)

Please email or call for event dates and further information.

Some events may also be tailored for deliver in individual schools.